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Dog Boarding Menu

Standard Lodging Rates as low as $25 per night.  Please call for rates & packages.

At Pocatello Pet Lodge, multiple dogs staying together are charged regular price for the first dog and half price for any other dogs in the same space. We allow a maximum of 4 guests per room. We provide beds, blankets, and bowls; however, you are welcome to bring anything you think will make your dog's stay more comfortable.

Checkout time from dog boarding is 1:30pm (no additional charges if your pet departs by 1:30pm).  If you need a later checkout time, a $10 late check out option will apply and you can then pickup by 7pm.  This option is waived, regardless of pickup time, if your dog receives a full spa service while they visit (bath or groom).

Dogs are guaranteed the largest spaces available.

All dogs enjoy a large play yard - a minimum of 4 quality times daily. We also have 1,200 sq. ft. of dedicated indoor play space that guests visit as often as possible. Most dogs can be socialized with other guests at the lodge during these playtimes. There are some restrictions on the ability to socialize; please inquire before making a reservation at the lodge.

Boarding for Felines

Leave your cat in our care for just $20 a night*. Multiple cats can also stay together. Half price is charged for each cat after the first one at regular price. A maximum of 2 guests per room are allowed.

Cats stay separately from other guests at the lodge.  Cat condos are multi-level including one for perching/blankets, one for food & water and a separate litter box area.

Exotic Animal Boarding

Keep your small animal pets with us for just $15 per night*. Rates are based on the number of owner-provided spaces. Exotic animal accommodations can be temperature and humidity controlled.

Owners are expected to provide appropriate diets, or extensive food preparation fees may be charged. Owners will be billed for the acquisition of appropriate food.

*These rates do not include our Healthy Pet Care Warranty fee.

We make our guests as comfortable as possible!

Our guests get plenty of space to play!

Our guests experience quality care when they visit!

Big and small, we love them all!

Successful Visit Tips

All animals must be current on appropriate vaccinations prior to their stay at the lodge.  If there are vaccinations your pet is missing, we can usually arrange to have them caught up (at the local vet of your choice) during their visit.

For canines, we require current Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccines that have been administered by a veterinarian.

For our feline guests, we require a current Rabies vaccines and highly recommend current FVRCP and FeLV vaccines as they will be in close proximity to at least the cats that call PPL their home.

Additional charges apply for administering medication and for extensive meal preparation.

While there is no extra charge to feed our food, we do encourage you to bring your pet's own food. This helps maintain digestive health and provides familiarity when away from home.

Please click here to learn more about our Healthy Pet Care Warranty.

Call us to schedule your pet's boarding stay.

208-237-PETS & 208-238-PETS


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Hours are the same at both locations.

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