Healthy Pet Care Warranty

Pocatello Pet Lodge’s Healthy Pet Care Warranty offers you peace of mind while your pets visit our facility.  Our standard practices are to keep everything clean, monitor dogs closely during play, pay close attention to feeding instructions, and do our very best to keep everyone happy and healthy.  However, through the day-to-day operation of our boarding, daycare and grooming facility, pets may be exposed to contagious illness, or they may be subject to injury through routine play.  Although no negligence by the staff of our facility would be involved under these circumstances, we realize that the pet owner has a reasonable right to not incur additional and unexpected expenses for an illness or injury that occurred while the care of their pet was entrusted to others. To address this, Pocatello Pet Lodge has established a Healthy Pet Care Warranty.

This program defines the level of financial liability we will assume for pets that become ill or are injured while visiting our facility.  This warranty will generally cover the most common gastrointestinal, respiratory, dermatological and other illnesses and injuries that could occur – with the aim of offering you peace of mind while your pet stays with us.  Enrollment in this warranty is mandatory.

Terms and Conditions

Subject to the exclusions listed below, Pocatello Pet Lodge will be financially responsible for any veterinary care (office call, testing, and/or in-hospital treatments) provided by the owner’s preferred or our emergency services veterinarian associated with any illness or injury incurred while the pet is boarding at Pocatello Pet Lodge, up to the maximum of $300.

  • Maximum payment of $300 in medical expenses per pet/per incident. The pet owner shall remain responsible for all charges exceeding the maximum coverage amount.
  • Only medical care provided by a licensed veterinarian will be covered
  • Proof of expenses will be required.
  • This coverage is the pet owner’s exclusive remedy in the event of any claims for illness, injury, or medical care for a pet.

Expiration of Coverage

  • 24 hours from departure from Pocatello Pet Lodge for non-contagious illness or injuries
  • Three days after pet is discharged for contagious disease


  • $1 per night/per pet (maximum $10) for our boarding animals
  • Daycare pets, although not charged the per visit fee, will also be covered by the warranty.


The Healthy Pet Care Warranty excludes coverage of the following:

  • Pre-existing health/medical conditions
  • Symptoms or illness that recur each time your pet boards with us (such as chronic diarrhea from stress, hoarseness/cough from excessive barking, etc)
  • Injury or illness occurring between family pets housed together
  • Illness occurring after clients have been made aware of an outbreak of illness in our facility and choose to use our services anyway
  • Injury or illness occurring in pets that left our campus during their reservation (field trips, vet visits, etc, during which a Pet Lodge employee was not present).

Pocatello Pet Lodge retains the right to exclude pets from the Healthy Pet Care Warranty based on age or any other existing pet health concerns identified upon admittance to our facility.  We also retain the right to request medical history on any pet to verify that there are no preexisting conditions prior to paying for medical treatment under this Warranty.


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