Puppy Preschool

Start Off on the Right Paw

This fun and interactive program supports your puppy’s fundamental growth through playtime, socialization, and new experiences. We’ll foster your pet’s budding confidence and curiosity—while laying the groundwork for a healthy routine and good manners.

Puppy in training
Training a small puppy

Fun & Learning in a Safe Place

Puppy Preschool gives your pup a place to play and learn with other puppies in a safe, structured environment. Here’s what your pet can expect:

  • Supervised playtime with other puppies
  • Individual attention and love from our staff
  • Basic manners support
  • Progress reports
  • Help with potty training
  • Introduction to grooming
  • Toys, puzzles, and brain teasers
  • And more!

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What are The Benefits?

We aim to support your puppy’s overall well-being and happiness. Here’s how:

  • Develops social skills. Meeting new people and other puppies early in life sets the stage for a well-adjusted adult.
  • Builds confidence. Your pup will encounter new smells, sights, textures, and sounds in a safe atmosphere. These experiences help them learn to navigate the world and gain better confidence.
  • Helps establish good manners. We want to be on your puppy’s team! We can help address behavioral concerns and work with you to reduce barking, digging, chewing, nipping, and accidents.
  • Supports a routine. This structured play program helps develop a healthy routine between play, potty time, and rest.
Puppy in training

Puppy Preschool FAQ